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The traffic police paragraph

The traffic police is a very well known figure in towns and cities. He stands generally on an island at the crossing of roads. His duty is to control the traffic in the busy and crowded roads of towns. He puts on a special type of uniform, He had also a white umbrella to protect himself from the sun and the rain. 

He uses a whistle to draw the attention of the drivers and passers-by. As soon as he raises his hand across a road all the vehicles passing along that road stop at once and the passer-by are allowed to cross the road safely. 

Next, he extends his hand in another direction and the traffic on that road comes to standstill and the stopped traffic on the previous road starts moving on. This goes on for the whole day. 

A traffic police maintains discipline in roads and highways. Thus, he does a great job for the passers-by.
The traffic police

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