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My Country
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The name of our country is Bangladesh. It become independent in 19971. Dhaka is the capital of  Bangladesh. It is small country. It has a land area of 147570 square k.m. There are 18 million people in the country. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. 

Rice, Jute, Sugar cane and tea are the main crops of Bangladesh. Many kinds of fruits also grow here. Jack fruit, mangoes, bananas, pine-apples, guavas and water melons are the most common fruit in Bangladesh. There are also many rivers in Bangladesh. 

The Padma, the meghna, the jomuna, the karnaphuly are the main rivers in Bangladesh. There are many varities of fishes in these rivers. Bangladesh has many interesting places. The sundarbans, Rangamati and Cox's Bazar are very attractive. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the sundarbans. Cox's Bazar in the longest sea beach in the world.

 It is about 120 k.m long. Many People visit these interesting places every Year. Bangladesh is a peaceful country. People from different communities live here in peace. I love my country very much.

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